An authentic Thank You gift to get your clients talking.

Three easy options:

Premium Box


An exciting gift that shows you care.

A curated collection of unique handmade home decor and lifestyle products from around the world. Group discounts available.

Subscription Box


A fresh box every month.

A dividend-paying delight. A new Fair Trade Box in your clients' inbox every month. Group discounts available.

Bespoke Box


Customized Thank You Gifts.

Contact us for simple solutions that deliver compelling gifts that empower artisans around the world. Group discounts available.

10x better than a box of chocolates.
— David Gorodyansky, CEO, Anchorfree

The Cause


Artisans are pillars of their local communities. They create jobs and preserve traditions by passing them down from generation to generation. Supporting artisans impacts an entire economy.

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